New totems coming soon to the gallery!
Check them out. 

Work in Progress.   

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New items coming to the gallery! 

Check them out and let me know if you're interested via the contact page!

I want to start a small social network for witches! 

Or anyone that wants to join really. Members will be able to message each other and leave comments, etc. They will also be able to post public blogs and add photos to the member's album.

 If you make an account now, I apologize for the lack of members. 

This site is brand new and i'm trying to find new ways to promote. 

If you would like to help me promote in some way I would greatly 

appreciate it and give you credit for it on the site. 

Hello and welcome! 

My name is Juniper. 

One day I was sitting in my living room, drawing some things, writing a spell, and i thought.. "I wish I had better altar pieces".  So I looked around online for some ideas and I found a few made from clay.. but to me they all looked sort of kid-like. So I decided to break out my clay and try it myself. I haven't made many sets yet, and I know they need some work.. that's why I haven't opened an official online store yet. But I will be posting new photos of the things I've made and taking requests. So please, if you want something specific or have any tips or ideas (for the site and for sets), please feel free to send me a message on the contact page!

Feedback is much appreciated.